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Second water mains swabbing completed successfully

Wednesday September 2 2015

The water main runs from the Turitea Water Treatment Plant to the Swabbing Chamber at the Fitzherbert Bridge. A total length of eight kilometres.

Council staff started preparation at 5:30pm last night and completed the work just before 12:30am this morning.

Palmerston North City Council Water Asset Engineer Dora Luo says there were a couple of unforeseen issues however the process of removing the built-up sediment from the pipes was completed successfully.

Last Tuesday the Council cleaned the other trunk water main between the Ngahere Park reservoir and the Hardie Street swabbing station. 

"It was a challenging night but our staff were excellent. I am pleased to say the Council successfully cleaned both pipes this year without receiving any complaints about discoloured water," Dora says.


For more information contact:

Dora Luo

Water Asset Engineer

Palmerston North City Council

356 8199