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Self-service about to step up a gear in the Living Room of the City June 2015

Tuesday June 9 2015

The system, provided by the Australian office of Bibliotheca, is a proven, user-friendly, intuitive system. Manager of Content, Shannon Simpson says she is excited to bring this cutting-edge library technology to the residents of Palmerston North. Bibliotheca systems are in use in Australia, the US, the UK and Europe.

"The new system is much faster, more innovative and more efficient. It will allow our staff to spend more time with our public. Libraries are so much more than books: we help teach people digital skills and tips for devices, help people create their own content, show how to access e-books and online databases and provide the beloved traditional library services of reference and research."

Shannon says when the new system is installed there may be some disruptions. However, the central library and branches will remain open and all services will be maintained.

Linda Moore, Living Room of the City manager says the system, which also includes a new returns/sorting system, will not only improve library members' ability to self-issue, it will also reduce handling returned items. Staff will still put the books and DVDs back on the shelves so returned stock is available faster. Library members' accounts will also be updated automatically when they return books. And, you will be able to pay fines and unlock DVDs yourself, rather than having to wait in line at the counter.

Linda says the Library's 'Love your Library Card campaign' is aimed at encouraging everyone to bring their card with them when they come to the library so they can use the new system.

"If you have lost your card, please ask staff for a replacement (free of charge). For those with smart phones, you can take a photograph of the card or download an app to store your card. Please ask staff for details on some of the apps we have tested. If you forget your library card, staff will still be able to issue manually. However, there may be a wait in line at the counter."

The staff will be on hand to help the public understand how to use the new self-service system. Group tutorials can be arranged by contacting the Central Library on 356 8199 to arrange a time. 

The purchase and installation of the new system was budgeted for the 2014/2015 Annual Plan. There will be no changes in staffing levels. Instead, staff will have more time to work with library members one-on-one and deliver new services.

For more information:
Linda Moore
Living Room of the City manager
Palmerton North City Council
356 8199