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Submissions on 10 Year Plan close this Friday

Monday April 20 2015

Head of Community Planning, Andrew Boyle, says currently the Council has received 125 submissions on topics such as the junior road safety park and the off-road cycling park. 

"The Plan is about what services and projects the Council does and how much these cost," Mr Boyle said.  

"The Council must consider a wide range of areas such as roads, water, planning, footpaths, libraries, animal control, civil defence, parks, playgrounds and recycling. Everything we do has big benefits for people's lives, so it is important that they tell us whether we are doing the right things. That is what the 10 Year Plan is all about." 

A 10 Year Plan Consultation Document was sent to all households in March.  It is also on the Council's website.  "It gives a brief and easy to read overview of what the Council is proposing to do over the next 10 years and how this will impact on Council's rates and debt." 

Mr Boyle says that making a submission is easy.  "Go to  and search for 10 Year Plan 2015.  Have a look through the Consultation Document, see what we are thinking of doing, and then email, write, phone or go online to tell us what you think of it." 

For more information contact: 

Andrew Boyle
Head of Community Planning
Palmerston North City Council
356 8199