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The Council is seeking feedback on its plans for the next 10 years.

Friday March 20 2015

The Palmerston North City Council has released its 10 Year Plan Consultation Document. This sets out what services and projects Council is proposing to do over the next ten years and what these will mean for peoples’ rates and the amount of debt the Council has.

The document is called "A Balanced Future for Your City" because it is about finding the right balance between what the Council does and what it costs. 

The Council is proposing to keep providing its current services and to make improvements to the City, including building more cycleways and walkways, making public places safer and more attractive, upgrading its social housing, transforming Arena Manawatū in a central sports hub, and redesigning the library in response to changing technologies and community expectations.  It is also increasing the amount it spends each year on renewing its infrastructure so that it does not get run down and fail. 

To pay for these requires in year 1 an increase of 3.9% which equates to an increase of $73 (or $1.40 a week) for the average residential ratepayer. The Council's proposals would also increase its debt from $131m to $220m over the 10 years. This is a prudent level of debt and is within Council's limits. 

Palmerston North Mayor Grant Smith says the Council really need to hear your thoughts - whether they be from you, your family or an organisation you are involved with.

"We want to know if we have got the balance right between services, rates and debt." 

Mayor Smith says Councillors do listen to submissions and often plans are changed as a result. "Please take the time to read this document and tell us what you think." 

Andrew Boyle, Head of Community Planning, says the Consultation Document will be sent out to households in next week's Tribune. 

A series of "Let's Talk" sessions about the 10 Year Plan have been organised. These are informal opportunities for people to talk one-to-one with a Councillor about what should be in the 10 Year Plan.  More information on the time and location of these is on the Council's website -

The Council is also consulting on its Revenue and Financing Policy, Rates Remission and Postponement Policies, Development Contributions Policy, Financial Strategy, Infrastructure Strategy and a proposal to form a Council Controlled Organisation for economic development and tourism. 

The consultation period closes on 24 April for more information click here.