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Voting documents arrive in letterboxes from today

Friday April 17 2015

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Residents and ratepayers who are not listed on the final electoral roll for the by-election will be able to enrol up to 4pm on Friday 8 May. 

"Enrolment forms are available at Post Shops, Libraries and at the Council's Customer Service Centre," Dr Annabell, Electoral Officer said. 

Dr Annabell said those not registered on the final roll will also need to apply for a special vote. "Special voting facilities will be available at the Council's Customer Service Centre during normal office hours from 17 April to 8 May and from 8 until 12noon on 9May, election day. 

The by-election will use the Single Transferrable Voting (STV) electoral system. In an STV election you use numbers. Instead of putting a tick beside the candidate you want to vote for, you rank the candidates with numbers. In other words you put them in order or preference. You begin with '1' for the person you like the best.

"By giving the candidate you like best a '1', you are saying that candidate is your number one choice," Dr Annabell said. 

"You can rank all the candidates on the voting document or as few candidates as you wish." 

Voting closes at 12noon on Saturday 9 May 2015. 

For more information contact: 

Dr John Annabell
Electoral Officer
356 8199