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City meters upgraded to accept chipped bank cards

Wednesday November 19 2014

Work has begun on upgrading credit/debit card readers in the City’s parking meters to enable motorists to use bank cards that contain a chip.

The meters have a change in instructions for inserting chipped credit and debit cards.

"Previously, you had to insert a card with the magnetic strip down and on the left" says Graeme Tong, roading manager for Palmerston North City Council.

"With the new meters, the card needs to be inserted with the magnetic strip on the left-hand side and facing up. If you hold card in front of you, you will see that the chip end will be inserted first and facing down," Graeme said.

"The way the card is inserted into the meter will affect all debit and credit card users, regardless of whether their card has a chip or not".

It is expected that the change will cause minimal disruption to people parking in the City. Council staff have been briefed to help residents with the change.

The upgraded meters have a symbol sticker top and bottom of the card slot to guide users through the process.

The move will bring the meters into line with new banking technology, and is anticipated to be completed before Christmas.