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City reduces wastewater discharge points to one

Friday September 26 2014

Palmerston North now has only one treated wastewater discharge point to the Manawatū River following the connection of Longburn to Palmerston North.

In the past decade, six small discharge points have been closed in the city, rerouting them to the Totara Road Wastewater Treatment Plant where wastewater is treated to a higher standard.

The decision to reduce the number of wastewater discharges was made in conjunction with Horizons Regional Council and takes into account the Manawatū River Accord's goal of improving the quality of the Manawatū River.

Water and waste services manager Rob Green says the overall project has allowed for a significant improvement in treatment thereby improving overall river water quality in the vicinity of the previous discharge points.

The Longburn pipeline project was carried out by Palmerston North City Council and Blackley Contractors at a cost of $365,000 and was completed below budget.

In the past decade the following direct river discharges have ceased and been replaced with connections to the Totara Road Wastewater Treatment Plant:

  • Linton residential, Linton Army Camp and Manawatū Prison
  • New Zealand Pharmaceuticals
  • Aokautere residential
  • Longburn industrial
  • Ashhurst
  • Longburn residential

Rob Green says council officers will now work on a $1.5million project to connect the Bunnythorpe wastewater reticulation with the Totara Road Wastewater Treatment Plant.

"Bunnythorpe is currently connected to the wastewater treatment plant in Feilding however during rain events it can overflow into the Mangaone Stream, something council is keen to prevent from happening in the future," he says.