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City’s cabinet boxes to take on a new life

Tuesday November 11 2014

Local artists are being asked to submit artwork for display on the city’s Chorus communications cabinets.

Chorus is sponsoring the art work after a trial in Auckland proved art led to a decrease in tagging.

“Doing the murals becomes cost effective when you look at how much we spend on cleaning off graffiti each year,” Jo Seddon, community relations advisor for Chorus said.

“We target the most frequently hit cabinets and commission murals for them, which generally eliminates tagging, so the murals pay for themselves.”

PNCC spokesperson for the project Jo Sutton, says Masterton, Levin, Upper Hutt and Hastings have all participated in the Chorus cabinet art project.

“It will be exciting to see local artists get the chance to showcase their work,” Jo Sutton said. “We have so much untapped talent in this City.”

Ten cabinets will be painted in Palmerston North and it is hoped a further ten will be done at a later stage.

“It’s really great to be able to create works of art in the community, it gives the community something they can be proud of,” Jo Seddon said. “All finished art will be included on the Chorus website and Facebook page, and may be considered for the annual Chorus Cabinet Art calendar, copies of which are sent around the world.”


For more information call 356 8199 and ask for Jo Sutton.