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Council's Speed Limit Bylaw Consultation

Friday July 26 2013

Council’s proposed Speed Limits Bylaw drew a total of 127 submissions from members of the public and organisations.

17 of those submitters asked to address the hearing which will be held at the Extra-Ordinary Community Well-being Committee on 14 August.

Head of strategy and policy Neil Miller says he's pleased with the number of submissions received. "It indicates there is a high level of public interest in the issue."

The proposed Bylaws asked for feedback on variable school speed limits of 40 km/h in urban areas to meet New Zealand Transport Agency's current policy. Mr Miller says from analysis of the submissions received most were generally supportive of this proposal.

The proposed Bylaw also sought feedback on a permanent reduction in speed within the City centre to 30km per hour. Mr Miller says some submitters raised concerns, such as cost and whether there were actual safety benefits.

Neil Miller says the proposal also includes details on other roads within the extended City boundary that will be considered for a reduction in speed. Some comments received included suggestions of new roads. These can be considered in the next review, but new roads cannot be added at this late stage due to legislative constraints however he says staff will keep a record and include them in a future proposal.