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Fast tracked consents introduced for some garages and fireplaces

Friday December 13 2013

The introduction of a fast tracking consent process for some garages and fireplaces will be welcome news to builders, installers and homeowners.

Fast tracking applies to proprietary garages and fire places that have no extra planning and design component, examples of which include garages and fireplaces that are for all intents and purposes consistent in design and build - such as kitset garages.

Head of Building Services, Leigh Sage says fast tracking won't apply to every provider and those wanting to be part of the scheme will have to apply to Palmerston North City Council for registration.

"Fast-tracked consents will not only increase the speed at which Council is able to approve consents, it will also allow for a fixed consent fee thereby providing security of costs for providers and home owners alike."

Leigh Sage says fast-tracking is an initiative developed by Project Improve which is a working group made up of Council staff and members of the building industry who've been looking at ways of improving delays and costs.

"We set up Project Improve earlier this year after members of the building industry approached Council with service improvement ideas."

Other initiatives started by Project Improve include a direct dial phone number for Building Inspection bookings 352 8777.

Leigh Sage says he hopes to introduce more improvements to the service in the new year.

"We're very much paper and phone based yet most providers now use online tools so Council staff are developing online services tools which will lead to efficiencies and possibly cost savings in the long run."