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Rates invoices move online

Thursday November 7 2013

Palmerston North City Council ratepayers can now receive their rates invoices by email rather than post.

Finance manager Stuart McKinnon says the move to email invoices was an obvious move as many people now receive invoices via email and pay online.

"Just over two-thirds of ratepayers pay their rates by some online method. The move to offer email invoices means the entire rates process can now be conducted online."

Stuart McKinnon says it currently costs $80,000 every year to print and post all four rate installment invoices. "Even if 25 per cent of ratepayers move to email invoices then it will create a real and significant saving."

"Not only will it reduce costs but it's also efficient for ratepayers by providing them with an instant electronic record of their invoice. On top of that we'll be reducing the amount of paper we use," he says.

Sign up now. Read the terms and conditions then enter your property details (which can be found on your rates invoice) on the rates email registration form and your preferred email address.

Please feel free to call 356 8199 and talk with one of our helpful Customer Service team if you need help.