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Key benefits of having a business in Palmerston North

Smart, central, connected

 We help businesses grow with:

  • A region that is experiencing strong economic growth
  • Central logistics hub, with excellent transport links
  • Smart people, with a highly educated and skilled young workforce
  • Excellent business support
  • Attractive business and housing costs.

Palmerston North and the wider Manawatū region is a great place to locate your business.  It offers a central location that can save your company distribution costs.

It also offers access to a highly educated pool of specialists and skilled workers, and Spearhead Manawatu, which is responsible for attracting strategically important business and investment to the Palmerston North and Manawatu region.

Lower costs of living, particularly for housing, excellent schools and tertiary study options and short commuting times are often deciding factors for people to relocate here.

Destination Manawatū has available a magazine profiling the wonderful lifestyle and benefits of living and doing business from here.  Check out  The Page  or email for a copy to be posted out and an introduction to our business development staff.

Take advantage of our bright future

A new economic report has confirmed that Palmerston North's economic is bright. The Core Cities Report on Palmerston North says the city's economy is well-placed to withstand any downturn, with the city's fastest growing sectors, health care and social assistance (the fastest growing sector in New Zealand), public administration and safety (including defence), logistics, tourism, and professional, scientific and technical services, accounting for 57 percent of City economic activity (earnings), and two-thirds of earnings growth between 2000 and 2013.

Strong economic performance

The city economy has performed strongly over the last 10 years, with employment and employee earnings increasing faster in the city than national growth rates.  The long-term outlook for the city is also strong.  The latest economic reports can be downloaded  at our Economy page and profiles for major economic sectors are available at the sector profiles page

Young, highly educated population

Palmerston North has a young and highly educated population. The median age for people living in Palmerston North city is 33.5 years, below the NZ median age of 37.5 years (in 2014).   In 2013, over a fifth of the Palmerston North adult population had higher level education, with a bachelor's degree or higher qualification.

Education and training opportunities

Many business owners and their staff benefit from keeping up-to-date with the latest in training and business knowledge. Upskilling of people is crucial to economic growth and success in all our communities. Massey University is consistently rated among the top universities worldwide. And excellent business training and education resources are provided by Vision Manawatū.

New Zealand is a great place to do business

A 2007 World Bank survey placed New Zealand as the second easiest place to do business in the world, second only to Singapore. 

Great family environment

The region is an ideal place for families to live, work and play.

Sound, affordable housing - our city's housing is more affordable than other cities.

Easy commuting - while most people travel to work by car, our city's compact layout and fairly flat terrain contribute to high number who walk or cycle to work.

Central location - our central location, compact layout, affordable accommodation, wide range of recreational opportunities and our strong retail centre gives us a particular strength in tourism.

Diversity - there's rapid change in the diversity of our population, with our Māori, Pacific and Asian populations increasing at a faster rate of growth than the New Zealand average.