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Why Study Here?

Evaluating Palmerston North education providers and programmes from overseas

It all sounds promising, but how will you know that the programmes you are interested in will allow you to pursue the career you want?  How do you know you will be attending a legitimate institution and receiving a recognised qualification? The New Zealand Qualifications Authority can help you make a sound decision.

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Palmerston North is a great place to live and study

Palmerston North is Student City; it's a vibrant, busy city where everyone is committed to making your education experience outstanding.  It has an energetic arts and entertainment scene and a wide range of outdoor activities on offer.

It has some of the lowest priced accommodation of any New Zealand university city, and it's also easy to get around.

Palmerston North has great job opportunities for students

Being able to find work while studying is an important factor for prospective students - check out Student Job Search for more info.

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Free bus transportation - economical and environmentally friendly

One perk of studying in Palmerston North is that students (and staff) at Massey University and Universal College of Learning (UCOL) get free bus transportation.  This free bus service is economical and helpful. 

The service is also a great environmental benefit to Palmerston North. It was a finalist in the 2007 Energywise Awards run by the Government's Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority.

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Looking to study in New Zealand

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