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Sculpture - Ghost Tower

Ghost Tower



The tower sits on a frame that stands at 3.5 metres high and is constructed from square, hollow section stainless steel.

The sculpture has a seat running along the side nearest to the pavements coupled with openings on opposties to invite people to observe the interior.

On the base, there sits an additional structure which suggests a small dwelling with the familiar architectural features you witness: windows, doors and rooflines. Above this is a slim tower which has, above the below peaked roof, a square and a circular shape form which references the faces of the nearby clock towers.

The strucutre above the base section is constructed of stainless stell rods formed into frames, appearing as filigree against the trees and the skyline. Depending on the light and the position of the bystander the tower can seem to appear or to disappear.

Louise Purvis was born and schooled in Pahiatua. Early in her career she received a Commonwealth Fellowship which allowed her to travel and work in Europe and the United Kingdom where she focussed on foundry practices in Aberdeen. In New Zealand she has had numerous solo and group exhibitions. A resident of Auckland, her work has been sought by various public bodies.