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Heavy motor vehicle maximum weight limits

Wednesday June 7 2017

Maximum weight limits for bridges on Kairanga-Bunnythorpe Road and Te Ngaio Road.

Pursuant to Regulation 11(3) of the Heavy Motor Vehicle Regulations 1974, the Palmerston North City Council has fixed the following maximum weight limits for heavy motor vehicles and combinations including a heavy motor vehicle on the bridges described below:-

Road Location of Bridge

Max Weight on any one axle

Gross Weight (Maximum sum of axle weights) Maximum speed limits (km/h)
Kairanga-Bunnythorpe Road between Te Ngaio Road and Railway Road (closest bridge to Bunnythorpe) - 60% Class 1 30
Te Ngaio Road 200 metres south of Kairanga-Bunnythorpe Road 2,000 kg 4500 kg 30