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Sectional District Plan review: Proposed plan changes 16 & 23

Wednesday May 17 2017

Pursuant to Clause 5 of the first schedule of the Resource Management Act 1991, notice is hereby given of Sectional District Plan review proposed plan change 16: tangata whenua and resource management & proposed plan change 23: Hokowhitu Lagoon residential area.

Proposed plan change 16: tangata whenua and resource management

The purpose of proposed plan change 16 is to review the tangata whenua and resource management section of the District Plan. This section identifies the key matters of importance for tangata whenua in Palmerston North city and how resource management issues of importance to tangata whenua will be managed over the coming 10 years. The proposed changes also seek to streamline the District Plan by removing content that is now considered unnecessary. Two new objectives and associated policies are also proposed. New objective three seeks to enable tangata whenua institutions to develop within Palmerston North. New objective four proposes to actively protect sites of cultural and natural significance to tangata whenua.

Proposed plan change 23: Hokowhitu Lagoon residential area

The purpose of proposed plan change 23 is to rezone the former Hokowhitu campus site from institutional zone to residential zone to enable residential development. Development is planned in stages. A range of institutional activities at the core of the site are anticipated to remain onsite for the foreseeable future, and residential development is initially expected at the edges of the site, until the site transitions to full residential use. Specific changes are proposed to the subdivision and residential zone sections of the District Plan to complement the rezoning, enable existing institutional activities to continue to operate and facilitate new residential development of the site.

Enquiries about proposed plan changes 16 & 23

Enquiries about proposed plan changes 16 & 23 can be made to Michael Duindam, Planner, on phone 06 356 8199 or email

Viewing proposed plan changes 16 & 23

All information and submission forms can be viewed and downloaded on the Council website:

Proposed plan changes 16 & 23 are also available for viewing at the following offices when these offices are open to the public:

  • Palmerston North City Council Customer Service Centre, The Square, Palmerston North
  • the Ashhurst Service Delivery Centre, Ashhurst Four Square Counter, 122 Cambridge Avenue, Ashhurst
  • any branch of the Palmerston North City Library: Ashhurst Library (corner Cambridge Ave & Bamfield St), Awapuni Library (College Street), Central Library (The Square), Mobile Library, Roslyn Library (Vogel Street), Te Pātikitiki (Highbury Avenue)
  • Linton Army Camp Library, Puttick Road, Linton

Making a submission

Any person may make a submission on proposed plan change 16 and/or 23 to the Palmerston North City District Plan. Submissions must be in writing on the form prescribed (Form 5) in the Resource Management (Forms) Regulations 2003 or similar, including submissions via email. Submissions lodged by email do not require a signature.

The closing date for submissions to proposed plan changes 16 & 23 is 4pm, 15 June 2017.

Submission forms are available at the offices listed above or can be downloaded from the Council website and must be lodged with the Council by one of the following options. Please address your submission to:

Team Leader – Governance and Support
City Corporate
Palmerston North City Council

Post to:

Private Bag 11-034
Palmerston North

Deliver to:

Customer Service Centre
The Square
Palmerston North


06 355 4115


Once the closing date for submissions has passed, all submissions received will be summarised and made available for public inspection. Persons wishing to support or oppose any of these submissions will be entitled to do so. Council will then hold a hearing for the plan change to consider submissions that have been lodged and issue decisions on the matters raised. Anyone who has made a submission and indicated that they wish to be heard will have the right to attend the hearing and present their submission. On receiving notice of a decision on their submission, any person who disagrees with or is dissatisfied with the decision made may refer the decision to the Environment Court for further consideration.