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Palmerston North Landscape Inventory

This landscape study published in 2011 is a stock-take of our district’s landscape and its defining characteristics.

Palmerston North City Council has commissioned a report which identifies the Landscape Types and individual Landscape Units within the City.  Description Data Sheets are also provided for each Landscape Unit which provide an overview of the landform, landcover and land uses evident and relates these to ecological processes. A high level overview of the geomorphological processes that gave rise to the District's landscape is also provided at the beginning to aid understanding and appreciation of the City's landscape character and its typology. 

This landscape study is formulated as an inventory, a value neutral study that describes the resources of the district, in terms of a number of different landscape 'units' and important defining characteristics.  It is a comprehensive, technical and peer-reviewed update of the Palmerston North Landscape Study (2008).  This earlier landscape study which was commissioned to provide baseline information about the City's landscape to guide the review of the Rural Zone and the development of future policy options to achieve the sustainable management of the City's rural land resources. 

The 2011 landscape inventory builds on the methods used in the 2008 report and further augments the 'Description Data Sheets' to include additional summary information on 'Sense of Place' and 'Sensitivity to Change', at the level of the individual Landscape Units.  For example, a preliminary identification of the values the community ascribes to the landscape unit, as evidenced in the current land uses and development taking place, is provided and captured under the heading "Sense of Place'.  The section on ' Sensitivity to Change' provides a coarse score of the capacity or resilience of each individual Landscape Unit to absorb ongoing development and change.

The 2011 Landscape Inventory represents Stage I of the Landscape Study and the first output of the Rural Zone review and the policy development process.   

Further information about the Rural Zone Review and the related workstreams, including the District Plan Review or the Rural Residential Land Use Strategy is detailed on the following links:

A copy on CD of the Landscape Inventory is available by request to Merle Lavin, telephone 356 8199 extension 7153.