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Dependent dwelling units

Dependent dwelling units are self-contained units for relatives, older or unwell people, built on the same site as the main house. They require resource consent.

Dependent dwelling units have a maximum floor area of 100m2.

Under the District Plan, dependent dwelling units are a ‘controlled activity’. This means that if your unit meets all the rules, your resource consent application won’t need written consent from anyone.

Dependent dwelling rules

The main rules relate to:

  • Number – you can only have one dependent dwelling unit with one main dwelling on a site.
  • Floor area – the dependent dwelling unit can’t be bigger than 100m2.
  • Duration – once a dependent person ceases to live in the unit, the dependent dwelling unit must be removed or integrated into the main dwelling building within six months. Removing kitchen facilities is considered to be integrating into the main dwelling.
  • Residential zone bulk and location requirements – if your site is in the residential zone, you will need to comply with the residential zone requirements.
  • Air noise control – the District Plan has requirements for acoustics and insulation if you live in an ‘air noise control area’, like near the airport.

Your unit also needs to meet any other requirements for your land zoning, such as soundproofing if you live near the airport. If you think you meet all the rules, you still need to apply for resource consent. If you’re not sure, contact our building and planning team.