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Eco design advisor

Our eco design advisor offers free advice to Palmerston North residents, architects, designers and builders on sustainable design and energy options for new builds and renovations.

Photo of council eco design advisor Nelson Lebo erecting some wooden scaffolding

Council eco design advisor Nelson Lebo

This service helps the Council meet its objectives as a Sustainable City.

One of the major problems in Palmerston North is the moisture content in houses.

During winter we are all concerned with stopping draughts and keeping heat in, but by doing this we trap the moisture in our homes and often all it takes is opening a window to let the moisture escape.

Keeping condensation under control is just one of the problems Council eco design advisor Nelson Lebo can help you with. He can also offer advice and guidance if you plan on building a new home. The design decisions that will impact the most in the performance of your home are made very early in the design process - even before it starts - so book a consultation as early as possible to make the most of opportunities.

Nelson works with residents discussing options for improving homes or reviewing house plans. Advice is customised to suit the house, family needs and budget.

The service is free to the public, and is available to anyone within Palmerston North who wants advice or assistance as they look to renovate improve or build their home, or want to reduce the energy bill. The service is also available to builders, architects and designers.

  • Book a free home consultation
  • Book a presentation for your community group
  • Ask questions over the phone

Please contact Nelson Lebo to express your interest in booking a free consultation or a presentation for your community group.

If you have a specific technical enquiry that you would like help with, you may contact any of the eco design advisors working for other councils. You may also find information on a range of eco-design topics in the factsheets on the Eco Design Advisor website. 

Customer feedback

As a result of Nelson's visit, we have replaced 13 recessed down lights with LEDs, and had a thick blanket of insulation installed in our roof. The difference in warmth is quite noticeable.

Eco design advisor service user

"I have been following Nelson's articles in the local free newspaper, which expand on what he covered in his recent library talk. The whole area of eco-design is very interesting, and a lot more needs to be done to improve New Zealand's housing stock. Nelson is making eco-design more accessible through his articles and talks, and I hope he keeps up the good work."

"Nelson's delivery is certainly one of passion and enthusiasm. The content was something that everyone could relate to personally and I'm sure we all picked up several tips for the future."


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