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Home occupations

If you’re thinking of setting up a small business from home, check that your business activity meets the District Plan rules for your area.

The District Plan defines home businesses as home occupations:

an occupation, craft, profession or service for direct or indirect commercial gain and/or carried out on a repetitive basis in a dwelling unit or a building accessory thereto and ancillary to the use of that site for residential purposes. Such a use shall not include restaurants, service stations, the repair, painting, panel beating or wrecking of motor vehicles and crematoria.

The provision of a business run from your home is on the basis that they operate on a small scale and do not have a detrimental effect on the residential area that you live in.  The District Plan has set rules for home businesses, like the size and hours of the operation, number of signs on the site, noise etc.

There are a number of conditions you must meet:

1. Number of Employees
2. Floor Area
3. Dust
4. Storage of outdoor equipment or materials
5. Hours of Operation
6. Signs
7. Retailing
8. Glare
9. Parking and Access
10. Noise
11. Hazardous Substances

The full rules can be found in the operating a business from home in a residential zone booklet, and in section of Residential Zone section of the District Plan.

If you are unable to meet one or more of the rules, then you will need a resource consent.

However, if you do think that you meet all the rules, you may want to apply for a Certificate of Compliance which is a legal document issued to you from Council saying that your activity meets the relevant rules of the District Plan.