Rates, Building and Property

Instant resource consent

You’ll need an instant resource consent if your property is zoned residential and you’re building close to a neighbour’s boundary. This is a common resource consent when people are planning a new build, extension or garage.

Before you apply, you need to get written approval from the owners of the property you are proposing to go closer to.

How to apply

Fill out the affected persons approval form below and submit it with a copy of the site plan, signed by your neighbours. You also need to check that there are no other non-compliances with the District Plan. You can check the District Plan yourself, or talk to a duty planner.

Make sure you give your neighbours accurate information and site plans so they know what they are approving. For example, clearly showing the dimensions of the structure you are proposing and the distance between it and the shared boundary.

If you’re not sure who is an affected person or can’t get written approval from your neighbours, contact a duty planner on 06 356 8199 or visit our Customer Service Centre on the Square between 10.30am and 3pm during the week. It’s always good to bring as much information as you can about the site you’re talking about, and details about what you are proposing to do.

What it costs

See the planning fees and charges booklet at the bottom of the page.