Kerbside recycling

We provide a kerbside recycling service for all Palmerston North urban residents.

Photo shows a rubbish bin and recycling wheelie bin on a grass verge, ready to be collected.

Recycling is collected every week on the same day as your rubbish, alternating each week between glass – in your crate – and plastic, paper and cans, in your wheelie bin.

Your recycling needs to be out on the kerb by 7.30am.

Find your recycling collection day

What to put in your wheelie bin

You don’t need to separate the recycling in your wheelie bin, and can put out:

  • clean paper and cardboard – no tetrapaks or plastic/wax coated card like coffee cups and juice cartons
  • clean cans and tins – aluminium or steel, including aerosol cans
  • clean plastics that have the recycling triangle label moulded into them, such as bottles, containers, pottles and lids – no soft plastic bags and supermarket bags.

Smaller recycling wheelie bins

If you think a 240 litre wheelie bin will be too hard to manage or difficult to store, call the Recycling Hotline on 06 351 6399 to arrange for us to deliver an 80 litre wheelie bin.

Naming your wheelie bin and crate

Every recycling wheelie bin and recycling crate should have a sticker with an address printed on it, and a serial number heat-stamped into it. The serial number is recorded in the Council's rates database, against the address the wheelie bin and recycling crate are issued to.

If your address sticker comes loose, it’s a good idea to clearly label your bin with a permanent marker.

What to put in your glass crate

We collect unbroken glass bottles and jars that have had food or drink in them. Don’t put mirrors, window glass, light bulbs, Pyrex, china or ceramics in your glass recycling crate.

Why is glass collected separately?

There are a couple of reasons for keeping glass separate.

  • Sorting glass and other recyclables improves their value when they’re sold to processors to be remade into new products.
  • It prevents glass and glass dust from getting into the mechanical equipment used to sort the mixed recyclables. If the sorting machinery is contaminated with glass particles, it costs more to maintain and doesn’t last as long.

How to find out what recycling to put out each week

Look up the recycling day for your area to find out which recycling to put out each week.

You can also get a recycling calendar for your fridge – call our Customer Service Centre on 06 356 8199.

Who can use kerbside recycling

The kerbside recycling service is for all properties rated residential that pay the recycling charge.

You’ll get a 240 litre wheelie bin for recycling plastic, paper, cardboard and cans and a 45 litre crate for recycling glass. A small number of properties with restricted access or limited storage get a smaller 80 litre recycling wheelie bin.

Your recycling wheelie bin and crate will be delivered to your letter box.

What the recycling service costs

The service is paid for by your rates. There is no separate charge for kerbside recycling.