Rubbish and recycling services

We are doing all we can to find ways to reduce waste and our city’s impact on the environment.

From kerbside to back home

Minimising the amount of waste that goes to landfill is one way we can all make a big difference.

Council aims to divert 75% of the waste we used to send to landfills, by providing more sustainable waste management options.

Initiatives like kerbside and composting green waste have led to 60% of waste being diverted compared to 2008. The remaining general rubbish from transfer stations is sent to Bonny Glen Landfill, near Marton.

A user pays approach has helped reinforce the message to residents and businesses to be more conscious about what you use and how you dispose of your rubbish.

Council's waste management services

We provide:

  • kerbside rubbish and recycling collection for urban residents
  • drop-off recycling for free
  • green waste disposal
  • e-waste disposal
  • general rubbish disposal