Service connections

How to get your property connected to the city’s water supply, wastewater and stormwater systems.

Service connections are connections to:

  • The wastewater (sewer) network
  • The water network
  • The stormwater network (either through a direct connection to the pipeline or an outlet to the kerb)

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How to arrange service connections to your property

The property owner, drainlayer, or contractor makes an application to the Council together with an application fee for a service connection. This can be done when applying for a building consent.

  • The Council gives approval for a connection and provides network information for the use of the contractor.
  • Once consent has been granted you will receive a list of approved service contractors
  • The applicant engages an Approved Services Contractor and notifies the Council.
  • The Approved Services Contractor arranges road opening notice and permits.
  • After the work is completed the Council inspects and issues a certificate of completion to the contractor with a copy to the applicant.
  • The property owner then pays the contractor for the work done after receiving the certificate of completion. (The Council is not liable for any of the contractors costs)

Engaging a contractor

  • It is the property owner's responsibility to engage an Approved Services Contractor to do the work.
  • The Council has a list of these contractors - only Approved Service Contractors can be engaged.
  • The property owner chooses the contractor they wish to engage.
  • Work cannot begin until there is approval from the Council and the Council has been notified who the Approved Service Contractor is.
  • All services being connected at the same time are to be done by the one Contractor.
  • All listed Approved Service Contractors have agreed to provide connections to Council standards.

Paying application fees to Council

Payment can be made in two ways:

  • Pay the full service connection application fee and inspection fee when application is made.
  • Pay the application fee only when the connection is applied for and the inspection component when the approval is collected.

Fees from 1 July 2015 (GST inclusive)

Service required Processing fee Inspection fee Total
One connection (sewer, water or stormwater) $22 $108 $130
Two connections to the networks $36 $160 $197
Three connections to the networks $51 $211 $262
Stormwater to kerb only   $33 $33
One network connection and stormwater to kerb $22 $141 $163
Two network connections and stormwater to kerb $36 $193 $229