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Pui-Ching - Management Accountant


My husband and I moved to Palmerston North in 1994 after living in Wellington, Australia and Malaysia. In those days, Palmerston North was really quiet and had a small town feel.

Over the years, Palmerston North has developed into a modern, busy and vibrant small city. It has many conveniences and attractions of a larger city. High quality schools and educational institutions, recreational facilities like the Esplanade, sporting facilities, Libraries, public amenities, shopping and housing at affordable prices!

The best thing of all is the EASY access to anything and anywhere within Palmerston North. No traffic jams. We have really grown to appreciate this 'EASY-ness' when it comes to bringing up a family. Travelling to and from schools is no more than 10 minutes by car. Holidays to Wellington, Hawkes Bay or the ski fields are only a couple of hours drive.

Working in PNCC has given me a better appreciation of the facilities in Palmerston North. Council is a family-friendly employer and accommodates staff family circumstances very well. The work environment at Council is positive and Council strives hard to maintain this modern City that we live in.