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Robyn - Photograph Collection Support

Robyn - Photograph Collection Support

I lived on the North Shore of Auckland and worked in a Hospital, with no room for advancement.  I had started my Masters’ Degree in Library studies and found that for every job advertised at least 100 people applied.

This combined with high prices for houses in Auckland and our tutor saying ‘move to the provinces, you’ll get a job much easier’ tipped the balance. I put the house on the market and sold it a week later. I was able to purchase a house in a good area of Palmerston North for half the price of my Auckland property. 

Within 3 months of leaving Auckland I had secured a very good job at the City Library. I find the arts and intellectual scene easier to access in Palmerston North than it was in Auckland.

I find shopping much easier than Auckland, the novelty of parking outside the shop you wish to visit will take a long time to wear off and there is no traffic problem.

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