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Sean - Sound and Vision Librarian

Sean - Sound and Vision Librarian

I grew up in Palmerston North and returned after many years elsewhere to spend more time with family and to see if I could get to work at Palmy's cool library. 

Living back in Palmerston after a decade away is quite odd.  There's a kind of familiarity to the place, like putting on an old shoe from the back of the closet, but there's something new too, things are faster and busier, less rural but still a smaller town. 

My job as Sound and Vision Librarian also fits like a good shoe.  I’ve always had a strong interest in music and the movies, so really it's the natural kind of position for me.  It also means I get to work in one of the best libraries in the country, and with a great staff. 

One of the great parts of working here has been the opportunity to develop my skills through a variety of leadership training courses and attending sessions at Writers and Readers events.

Ultimately I come to work for fun.

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