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Sharon - Customer Service Advisor

Sharon - Customer Service Advisor

I came to Palmy several years ago now from Tauranga and have never regretted the move.  I'd lived in Tauranga for 20 years and worked at Tauranga City Council for 13 years in planning and building consent admin roles. Coming to work for Palmerston North City Council in Customer Services seemed fairly natural!

My first year here I worked with the Community Arts Council as a website administrator, a great intro to the community and talent here.

Working in the Contact Centre is a challenge but very rewarding. There's such a broad range of tasks we do and specialised knowledge we need, and in-depth knowledge of staff and each aspect of the Council and community.

The Contact Centre also manages an after-hours call service for 27 other councils around New Zealand, plus a few private businesses - life in the Contact Centre is never dull.

As for Palmy I still love the community feeling I've found here. There is a buzz and energy around town and a vibrancy to The Square that I don't think I could ever get tired of.