Your Council

What we do

We provide a wide range of services to the people of Palmerston North, ensuring it's a great place to live. We are also responsible for developing the city long-term.

Our role

The 10 Year Plan 2015-25 sets out the actions that the Council will take over the next ten years. The Council’s main role is to convert this plan into reality.

Every Council employee helps to bring about our long term plan in some way. Some contribute through direct contact with the community. Others are involved more indirectly, through activities that build the capacity of the Council and the city.

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Creating our future

Our vision for Palmerston North is that it will be recognised as a vibrant, caring, creative and sustainable city.

We see this as our future because it describes the sort of city that people want to live in - and to work in.

So come and work for PNCC and help make our vision a reality.

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Our values

TRUST: Build and maintain trust with each other, the Council and the public

WORTH: Enable people to be their best and contribute their best

SERVICE: People experience excellent service in everything we do

TRANSFORMATION: Make the future better than the past