Your Council

Diverse roles for staff

Working at Council is interesting, dynamic and all about making Palmerston North a brilliant place to live.

That's no surprise when we're responsible for the infrastructure and management of Palmerston North, as well as numerous practical and professional services for the public.

As a professional employee, you can choose to specialise in any number of fields within your own profession, or gain experience in different aspects of local government.

Some examples follow:

  • PNCC engineers work in asset management, design, construction and project management.
  • PNCC accounting staff can get experience in management accounting, corporate accounting, financial accounting and treasury.
  • Planners can choose to focus on regulatory or policy planning.

General staff are the front line of the Council, dealing with the core business of our city. As a general staff member, you help to ensure our customers see us as responsive and efficient. Expect to find an excellent work-life balance, and opportunities to develop your skills.

Your roles may involve:

  • regulation and enforcement, including building inspection and animal control
  • use of technical expertise
  • administrative and secretarial work
  • maintenance work
  • customer service