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Learning and development

We are committed to supporting the personal and professional development of all staff.

Council’s aim is to be a “learning organisation” – that is, an organisation whose employees are continuously learning new things and applying what they learn to improve their performance. By supporting and encouraging staff to continue to grow and develop through formal or informal learning opportunities, there are benefits to the individual as well as to the organisation.

If you join the staff of PNCC, every year you'll be offered opportunities to attend in-house professional development courses.

Topics include presentation skills, report writing, leadership, coaching, project management, Treaty of Waitangi and more. Staff also have the opportunity to attend specialised external training courses, seminars and conferences.

In addition to on-the-job and in-house training, Council can assist staff in the following ways.

Study fees and study leave

Permanent officers who undertake study appropriate to their employment can apply to be reimbursed a portion of their study fees. They can also apply for up to four hours paid study leave per week for the duration of the course of their study.

Professional subscriptions

Being a member of a professional association enables staff to keep pace with professional development, network among peers and develop their careers. When membership is a requirement of the job, Council will fully fund the cost, and where it’s not a requirement Council will contribute up to $400 towards membership.


PNCC supports staff to carry out NZQA qualifications, and may assist with contributing to payment of fees.

Pathways programme

Operations staff are supported to undertake training. The Pathways programme encompasses a range of literacy, language, numeracy, leadership and communication courses at different levels.