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Celebrating Communities Fund

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The purpose of the Celebrating Communities Fund is to support the development of events in Palmerston North that contribute significantly to the following outcomes:

  • Geographic Communities are able to celebrate their strengths and share them with the city
  • Communities of interest are able to celebrate their strengths and share them with the city

The Fund is not intended to support events where the primary outcome is on arts or sports or large scale city events that require significant levels of support. The scheme administrator can provide advice on funding opportunities for these type of events (See contact details below).

For the purposes of this scheme events are defined as:

Gatherings of a celebratory, educational, competitive, commemorative or exhibitive nature that:

  • Share a common purpose
  • Are clearly defined with a beginning and an end
  • occur for a limited time
  • may be repeated on a cyclical basis (e.g. annually) but are not regularly scheduled (e.g. weekly cultural activity classes)

These events should be locally significant, of special interest to the people of Palmerston North and enhance community well-being;

Some of the events funded by CCF include Pasifika Fusion, Awesome Awapuni Day and regional kapa haka showcases.

Applications are open throughout the year.

For further information please contact Renée Howe, Project Coordinator at or phone 356 8199