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Palmerston North Waste Management and Minimisation Bylaw 2016

Submissions are now closed for the draft Waste Management and Minimisation Bylaw. We expect to hold a hearing for submissions in August.

It is proposed that the draft Palmerston North Waste Management and Minimisation Bylaw will replace the waste management provisions of the current Nuisance Bylaw. Many of the current provisions are unchanged, though more detail is included to provide greater transparency and clarity.   A notable change is the proposal to introduce a licensing requirement for commercial waste collectors. The rationale for licensing commercial waste collectors is to ensure that the Council has access to good quality information about the waste stream to inform the development and review of the Waste Minimisation Plan.

The Council is particularly interested to hear from submitters on whether the draft Waste Management and Minimisation Bylaw should include provisions relating to waste management at events held on Council land or with Council funding. While no specific provisions have been included in the draft Bylaw, the Council indicated that it is especially interested to hear from the community as to whether the draft Bylaw should include rules regarding waste management at events, and what form those rules should take. If there is strong support for rules around waste management at events, then the Council may decide to include it in the final Bylaw.                                                                                               

The proposed Bylaw also adopts the Administration Manual which the Council has adopted for other recently reviewed bylaw. The Administration Manual includes such matters as terms and conditions for permits, application forms, maps, and other technical matters.

Copies of the Summary of Information and Statement of Proposal can be inspected and/or obtained:

  • at the Customer Service Centre (Civic Administration Building, the Square);
  • at the City Library (The Square [Research and Archives, 2nd Floor]);
  • at the Branch Libraries (Ashhurst, Roslyn, Awapuni, Highbury, Linton);
  • by viewing them at the bottom of this page under Downloads; or
  • by telephoning 356 8199.

Enquiries may also be directed to Peter Ridge, Policy Analyst by telephone on 356 8199 or by email at The Statement of Proposal contains a copy of the respective Bylaw which the Council is proposing to adopt.