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Plan Change 20 submissions

Read submissions received for our review of the planning rules for housing, development and subdivision in the residential zone.

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What is this about?

Plan Change 20 is a review of the current planning rules for housing, development and subdivision in the Residential Zone - the neighbourhoods where we live.

Palmerston North is growing and it's time for Council to take stock of which plan provisions are working and which aren't. It's about making sure that:

  • We're building housing that is sustainable and meets the needs of the community.
  • Neighbourhoods are attractive, healthy and safe places to live.

Decisions about housing impact on everyone.  This is your opportunity to tell the Palmerston North City Council how you want residential neighbourhoods to look, feel and function in the future.

88 submissions received

Proposed Plan Change and Variation 20A-B was publicly notified on 22 July 2015 and submissions closed on 21 August 2015. 88 submissions were received.

The Council publicly notified the availability of the Summary of Decisions Requested by Persons Making Original Submissions to Proposed Plan Change 15A-H on 4 November 2015.  

S1 - Margaret  Tennant
S2 -Cynthia J White
S3- Paul E Perry
S4 -Michael J Shepherd
S5 - Paul  Hewitt
S6 - Katherine  Gibbs
S7 - Kathy  Dever-Tod
S8 - Verdon J F Chettleburgh
S9 - Valerie & Warren Kent 
S10 - Ivan G Johnstone
S11 - Peter  Reay
S12 - Deirdre R McPherson
S13 - Geoff  Watson
S14 - Alistair  Cameron
S15 - Jacqueline Y Carr
S16 - ADP Design
S17 - Alex  Davies
S18 - Jenny  Davies
S20 - David and Robyn Lane 
S21 - Johannes P M Erkens
S22 - David J Ireland
S23 - Dave  Lloyd
S24 - Henry G Barnard

Submission 1 to 24 (pdf 8Mb)

S25 - Robert W Goddard
S26 -John P McCarty
S27 - Tarsha  Isles
S28- Roy J Le Quesne & Gareth Joyce Brownson
S29 - John  Brunsden
S30 - Carmen  Wineera
S31 - Cameron B Isles
S32 - Maria A Andrewes
S33 - Marvel Rental Ltd
S34 - Benjamin G Currie
S35 - Sharon M T A Stevens
S36 - Frances  J Little
S37 - Kevin O'Connor and Associates
S38 - Ashmore Trust
S39 - Challenge Manawatu Limited
S40 - Flygers Line Investment Group Limited 
S41 - NZ Transport Agency

Submission 25 to 41 (Pdf 8Mb)

S42 - Manawatu-Wanganui Regional Council (Horizons)
S43 - Melissa R Thompson & Julie L Smith
S44 - Joanne  M Nikora
S45 - John  Bent
S46 - Palmerston North City Council
S47 - Keith & Lynette Betteridge
S48 - Transpower New Zealand Limited
S49 - Nancy  Golubiewski
S50 - Murray  Olsson
S51 - Bruce  Bruton
S52 - Humphries Construction

Submission 42 to 52 (Pdf 8Mb)

S53 - Precast Concrete Manawatu Ltd
S54 - KPA Properties Ltd
S55 - Pak Design Architectural Designers
S56 - Terrace End Holdings # 2 Limited
S57 - Humphries Developments Ltd
S58 - Pioneer City West Ltd
S59 - Tiscenko Coats Trust and M & A Tiscenko
S60 - Matvin Group Limited
S61 -Proarch Consultants Limited
S62 - Heritage Estates (2000) Limited
S63 - Iola  Haggarty
S64 - Bryan  Walpert
S65 - Cecelia M Martin
S66 - Milson Community Group
S67 - Suzanne  O'Hara
S68 - New Zealand Defence Force
S69 - Harvey  Jones
S70 - Rocky  Renquist
S71 - Wendy  Shailer-Knight
S72 - Bruce and Marilyn Bulloch

Submission 53 to 72 (Pdf 8Mb)

S73 - Scott A Davis
S74 - Powerco Limited
S75 - Phillip  Currie and Bevan Currie
S76 - Lynette  Reed
S77 - Ministry of Education
S78 - Desma and Bob  Isles
S79 - Kelly M Johnson
S80 - Brian M K  Ax
S81 - Kelvin G Clout
S82 - Alan J Baldwin
S83 - Shadbolt Architects Ltd

Submission 73 to 83 (Pdf 6Mb)

S84 - Owen & Elizabeth Shearer
S85 - Noel T Munford
S86 - Sandra J Stuart
S87 - Keith and Lynette Betteridge
S88 - Alan C McCormack

Submission 84 to 88 (Pdf 3.5Mb)

Plan Change Documentation

Proposed Plan Change and Variation 20A-B and Section 32 Report.

Enquiries about the plan change

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