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Plan Change 20B: Winchester Street Residential Area

Plan Change 20B is a rezoning of the Winchester Street area for the purpose of providing for future greenfield residential development in Ashhurst. The plan change includes changes to the planning maps and subdivision section of the District Plan.

What are the proposed changes?Ashhurst Structure Plan Image

 Changes to Section 7: Subdivision

  • New Subdivision Objective 9 and the associated Policies give direction for development of the Winchester Street Residential Area.
  • New Rule for Subdivision in the Winchester Street Residential Area as a Restricted Discretionary Activity.
  • New Structure Plan for the Winchester Street Residential Area (Map 7.6).

Housing design is proposed to be subject to the standard rules of the Residential Zone.

Proposed Plan Change 15D (Flood Hazards) identified areas of Ashhurst as Flood Prone. This classification applies to parts of the proposed Winchester Street Residential Area. Development of these areas will require mitigation of flood hazard risks. Refer to Proposed Plan Change 15D for further information. 

Why are changes being proposed?

In December 2010, following the adoption of the Palmerston North City Residential Growth Strategy,  the Council directed investigation into options to provide greenfield residential land specifically for Ashhurst.  

Council consulted on 6 possible sites as part of the Ashhurst Residential Growth Review - Discussion Document, May 2011.  Following consultation the North Street Area and the Winchester Street Area were further analysed in regard to potential flood risk.  Following this advice, the Council resolved that the Winchester Street Area was the preferred option due to its proximity with the existing urban limit of Ashhurst and local amenities in the vicinity.