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Plan Changes 20A and 20B

The plan change includes Plan Change 20A: Residential Zone and Residential Subdivision, Plan Change 20B: Winchester Street Residential Area, Ashhurst, and a Variation to Plan Change 15A-H.

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A Hearing on Plan Change 20A-B occurred 18, 19, 20 May 2016. A decision on the Plan Change is now pending. Information about the Hearing

What is this about?

Every Council has to write and produce a District Plan and then review it every ten years. A lot can happen in ten years - different development pressures emerge, economic situations change, legislative changes are enacted and new issues need to be taken into account. We review ours in sections, in a programme we call Shaping our City.

Plan Change 20 is a review of the current planning rules for housing, development and subdivision in the Residential Zone - the neighbourhoods where we live.

Palmerston North is growing and it's time for Council to take stock of which plan provisions are working and which aren't. It's about making sure that:

  • We're building housing that is sustainable and meets the needs of the community.
  • Neighbourhoods are attractive, healthy and safe places to live.

Decisions about housing impact on everyone.  This is your opportunity to tell the Palmerston North City Council how you want residential neighbourhoods to look, feel and function in the future.

What are the proposed changes?

Plan Change 20 proposes to keep the current approach which is about:

  • Using existing residential land efficiently to avoid unnecessary sprawl.
  • Maintaining the look and feel of residential areas.

Changes are proposed to make sure the planning rules also:

  • Enable different types of housing to be constructed.
  • Protect street character when redevelopment happens.
  • Result in a more sustainable and resilient city.

All the information is available below - whether you want a quick overview, have a specific area of interest, or want to see all the details.  Click on the below links for further information. 

The Housing Choices available:  

A review of changing housing demands and what this means in terms of housing choice in Palmerston North.

Palmerston North's housing needs are changing.  Feedback is sought on proposed rules for:

  • Multi-Unit Housing
  • Standard Private Dwellings
  • Sleep-outs
  • Minor Dwellings

A Review of the Housing, Site and Subdivision standards:

A review of the development design standards for housing.

Plan Change 20 includes a review of the Development Standards for housing and subdivision.  Some of the changes proposed relate to:

  • Building set backs from property boundaries
  • The height of fences adjacent to the street and public open space
  • Fencing standards for street front boundaries and where property adjoins public parks.
  • External noise standards for mechanical plant including Heat Pumps
  • New building setback and acoustic requirements for new dwellings located adjacent to the Palmerston North Gisborne Railway Line.
  • Changes to the subdivision rules.

A Review of the rules for Working in the Suburbs:

Working in the suburbs - a review of the standards for commercial activities.

A number of non-residential and commercial activities operate in residential areas. Changes are proposed to the rules for Home Occupations, Early Childcare Facilities, and general landscaping requirements.

Winchester Street Residential Area, Ashhurst: 

Rezoning to provide for future greenfield growth for Ashhurst.

This relates to rezoning land to the west of Winchester Street from Rural to Residential.  Rezoning is proposed for approximately 12 hectares of rural land at the western edge of the urban limit of Ashhurst (View Map Area Proposed for Rezoning  [PDF 7Mb]). The affected area is owned by two separate private landowners, is zoned Rural and is currently used for grazing and nursery activities. The intention of the proposed rezoning is to introduce a new greenfield residential area to provide for residential growth in Ashhurst.


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How the plan change may affect your property

If you would like to check how Plan Change 20A-B may affect you property, click on this link:

Viewing the plan change and variation 20A-B

The Plan Change and Variation are available for viewing at the following offices when these offices are open to the public:

  • The Customer Service Centre, Palmerston North City Council, Civic Administration Building, The Square, Palmerston North.
  • The Palmerston North Public Library, (2nd floor, NZ Pacific Islands Zone) The Square, Palmerston North.
  • Linton Library, Puttick Road, Linton
  • Ashhurst Library, corner Cambridge Avenue and Bamfield Street, Ashhurst 

Relevant documentation

Enquiries about the plan change

Contact the Customer Services Centre for enquiries about the Plan Change.  They will take a message and one of the Policy Planners will get back to you.

Or email Matthew Mackay: