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Manawatū River Framework

The Manawatū River Framework provides a strategic vision for any developments located near the river, guides future development in this space, and recognises the importance of the river to the city.

Rural East

We want the river to be a destination for people. This is an artist's illustration of the river rural east zone.

The Manawatū River Framework is an initiative identified in the Urban Design Strategy 2010. It focuses on enhancing physical connectivity to the river environment, expressing Rangitāne O Manawatū’s connection with the river and creating a key destination with things to do.

The framework defines four interconnected river environments: Rural West, Urban, Rural East and Gateway. It specifies key directions and design principles focused on achieving good design outcomes and identifying opportunities to improve the river environment.

Read the Manawatū River Framework (opens framework in a new window)

Each year there will be more things to do and more people will spend more time at the Manawatū River Park.

Manawatū River Framework vision

Manawatū River Framework aims

  1. To provide a vision and allow flexibility to guide large complex projects to be implemented over time
  2. To clearly communicate the design vision for the space adjoining the river
  3. Coordinate projects in and around the Manawatū River

Key directions

Connectivity - Build the network first

Develop key connections and junctions along the shared pathway in a consistent manner across the length and breadth of the park

Uniqueness - Create a distinctive sense of place

Create a range of spaces where different activities can occur in a manner that is appropriate to the environment

Destination - Activate the river edge

By improving access points along the path to existing usage areas

Express Rangitāne and Maori culture

Through storytelling and recognition of significant sites

Restore ecologies and environmental quality

By encouraging projects that will improve water quality but aligned flood mitigation

Create a sense of ownership

Engage and empower communities to create spaces where communities or group can hold informal gatherings