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Draft local alcohol policy

We're drafting a new policy designed to reduce alcohol-related harm and keep our city safe. Anyone with an interest in how alcohol is sold is encouraged to read the draft policy and make a submission by 18 August.

We're proposing a reduction in maximum trading hours for licensed premises.

  • on-licensed premises such as bars, restaurants and cafes: 8am to 2am the next day (currently 3am)
  • off-licensed premises such as bottle stores, grocery stores and supermarkets: 7am to 10pm (currently 11pm)
  • clubs: 8am to midnight (currently 3am)

Under the new policy, those hours would be further restricted for premises located outside the city’s business zones or near residential areas.

Download the documents below to read our proposals in full. We've included a report of the research that informed our proposals. Then fill in our online submission form to tell us what you think. Copies of the draft policy and submission forms are also available from our Customer Service Centre.

Tell us what you think

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  1. Please note, as required by legislation, your submission (including contact details provided on the submission form), will be available to the public and media and on the Council website as part of the decision-making process unless you request that these details be kept private. If you wish to keep your contact details confidential, please tick the following box:

  1. Submissions hearings are expected to take place in September 2017.

  1. Please note here any comments you may have about the draft LAP in general. For example, whether you are generally in support or opposed to the draft policy, or whether you think we have got the direction of the policy about right.
  1. Please note any comments you may have on specific parts of the draft policy. For the details of each of these sections, please see the full Statement of Proposal document.