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Draft wastewater bylaw

This is a new bylaw which focuses on protecting Palmerston’s North’s wastewater infrastructure. Submissions closed on 14 March. Councillors considered written and oral submissions on 1 May 2017 and will make a final decision on the bylaw later this month.

Historic photo shows group of workers laying concrete sewage pipes circa 1920.

Photo from the Manawatū Heritage collection: Palmerston North Borough Council foreman Bill Hughes (left) and engineer JR Hughes with workers laying pipes beside the Awapuni sewage ponds.

The draft bylaw does not dramatically change the current wastewater processes. Instead it will formalise the current rules and processes relating to the wastewater network and ensure information is clear and accessible.

The draft bylaw defines ‘wastewater’, outlines what is prohibited from the wastewater network and stipulates the terms and conditions for a wastewater connection. It will be accompanied by an administration manual outlining the basis on which decisions or permissions granted under the bylaw will be made.

Draft bylaw and administration manual overview

  • Terms and conditions relating to: acceptance of discharge, applications to connect, working around buried services
  • Council’s enforcement powers and the penalties for breaching the bylaw
  • Terms and conditions for connection, including: flow rates, Council access, building over public systems, disconnection, emergencies, blockages
  • Maps of the wastewater service areas
  • Point of discharge, isolation valve and boundary kit diagrams
  • Relevant application forms