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High Ropes Course

The Council is proposing to grant a licence that will allow a commercial business to build and run a high ropes course on the Railway Land. The deadline for community feedback was 11 May 2016.

Photo shows high ropes course set amongst trees.

Image shows an artist's illustration of the proposed high ropes course.

Proposed site next to skatepark

The licence will allow a high ropes course to be built at the western end of the reserve land in the central city known as the Railway Land. It will be sited among the trees, next to the skatepark. It will not impede public access to the reserve.

Download a map of the proposed location (PDF, 300KB)

A new recreation option for Palmerston North

The high ropes course will provide another outdoor recreation activity in Palmerston North, for residents as well as visitors. It will add vibrancy and interest, and is expected to be popular with younger people, so sits well alongside the skatepark.

More information

Download the High Ropes Course Proposal (PDF, 1.3MB)

This document provides more details about the proposed high ropes course and answers questions you may have, including:

  • the amount of space the course will require
  • public safety
  • how the high ropes course fits alongside other activities on the Railway Land
  • how this sort of recreation activity fits the reserve type
  • benefits for the city if the development goes ahead
  • the licence fee to occupy the reserve and the Council process for granting licences on reserve land