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Parking Management Plan

Our Parking Management Plan for Palmerston North focuses on short-term changes to help improve the environment in which we and our children live. Submissions on this plan closed on 19 April. Thank you for your feedback.

Parking changes put people first

We are fortunate that Palmerston North offers a great level of freedom and potential in terms of travel choice. Parking has an important part to play.

When we talk about parking management, we mean a strategy that facilitates vehicle movement and provides space for stationary vehicles. A prosperous city should also encourage opportunities for people to interact, for social, cultural and economic vitality.

To ensure a more liveable city in the future, we need to shift the balance more in favour of people over vehicle movement and parking. The changes proposed in our parking plan will help us to do that.

What are we proposing?

The Parking Management Plan outlines potential changes to the way Council manages its on and off street parking facilities. It focuses on changes over the next three years. These include:

  • changing fees or time limits to improve use of on- and off-street carparks
  • introducing residential parking schemes to address overspill commuter parking
  • providing more mobility parking and short-term parking outside schools and dairies, to improve parking for special users
  • regulating parking near intersections to support traffic efficiency and safety
  • removing some parks where the land could be put to better use

The plan sits alongside Council strategies to encourage more people to walk, cycle and use public transport, and supports initiatives to create a safe and vibrant urban environment.

Have your say on our parking proposals by 19 April 2016

Read the plan and tell us what you think by 19 April. We are also keen for your feedback on our parking trials. You can download the plan on this page, pick up a copy from the Customer Service Centre in the Square, or call us on 06 356 8199 and ask us to send you one in the post.

Write to: PNCC, Private Bag 11034, Palmerston North
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