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Public notification of applications for resource consent for a supermarket on Pioneeer Highway

Palmerston North City Council has received four applications under S95 of the RMA from Progressive Enterprises Ltd, for land use and subdivision consents to build a Countdown supermarket at 514 - 520 Pioneer Highway, Palmerston North.

(i)  Application 1 - Construction and operation of a 2800m² Countdown supermarket including:

  • The construction of a through road between Rugby Street and Pioneer Highway.
  • Carparking, servicing and loading areas for the supermarket.
  • Landscaping treatment and pedestrian walkways.
  • Acoustic treatment along the residential boundaries adjacent to the supermarket servicing areas and the carpark.
  • Signage for the supermarket.
  • The development of traffic lights on Pioneer Highway.
  • Creation of a quality open space close to the entrance.

(ii)   Application 2 - Provide for 1117m² of retail/commercial buildings along the western portion of the site (approx. 10-15 tenancies).  This retail/commercial development will occur at a time when it is economically viable to develop by another as yet unknown party.  A consent term of eight years has been sought and will include:

  • Carparking for the tenancies.
  • Landscaping treatment and pedestrian paths.
  • Acoustic fencing along the western boundary adjacent to the residential properties on adjoining land.
  • Active area at the front of the site.

iii)        Application 3 - Provide for 650m² of retail/commercial buildings (approx. 4-6 tenancies) along the eastern portion of the site on land zoned Residential and fronting Pioneer Highway.  This retail/commercial development will occur at a time when it is economically viable to develop by another as yet unknown party.

  • Carparking for the tenancies.
  • Landscaping treatment and pedestrian paths.
  • Acoustic fencing along the eastern boundary adjacent to the residential properties on adjoining land.

iv)        Application 4 - Subdivision to create three individual titles based on the land use activities in applications 1 to 3 above.  Creation of appropriate easements and/or covenants to ensure reciprocal rights to the two commercial/retail areas over the supermarket title to allow access and egress and parking.  Creation of consent notices to ensure that the design conditions proposed through applications two and three have to be complied with.


514 - 520 Pioneer Highway is local business zoned land within a residential area on the south western periphery of the urban area of Palmerston North with an arterial route running beside it.  It is sited between Rugby Street and Pioneer Highway.  The site is legally described as Lot 1 DP 15203, Lots 1 & 2 DP 306578 and Rural Sec 1714.

The majority of the site is zoned 'Local Business' in the Palmerston North City District Plan while two smaller areas are zoned 'Residential'.  The majority of the proposal is to be assessed as a Restricted Discretionary Activity whilst the Residential areas are to be assessed as a Non-Complying Activity.

In support of the resource consent applications, the applicant has submitted an Assessment of Environmental Effects and supporting information which is available to view on the Palmerston North City Council's website, details of which are given below.  You can also request a DVD of the application from Palmerston North City Council, phone 3568199, ask for Craig Auckram.  This can be viewed below under the heading "Relevant Documentation".

As this application has been publicly notified any person may make a submission on the proposal.  If you wish to make a submission on the application you may do so by sending a written, electronic or faxed submission to:

The Governance and Support Team Leader
City Corporate Unit,
Private Bag 11-034
Palmerston North City Council

Facsimile (06) 3554115 or

Your submission must be lodged with Council no later than 5pm on Tuesday 5 May 2015.

Your submission must be dated, signed by you if hand delivered, posted or faxed (no signature is required if lodged by e-mail), and include the following information:

  1. Your name, postal address, telephone number (daytime contact number) and facsimile number (if applicable);
  2. Details of the applications in respect of which you are making the submission, including location;
  3. Whether you support or oppose the applications;
  4. Your submission, with reasons;
  5. The decision you wish the Hearings Committee to make;
  6. Whether you wish to be heard (speak) in support of your submission at a Hearing.

A standard submission form, known as a 'Form 13', is available on request from Council and can also be downloaded from the link below under the heading "Relevant Documentation".

All documents submitted with the applications can be viewed at the Customer Services Centre, Civic Administration Building, The Square, Palmerston North, during office hours (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm, Wednesday 9.00am to 5.00pm).  In addition, this information is available to download below under the heading "Relevant Documentation":

In addition, please note that a copy of your submission must also be served as soon as reasonably practicable on the applicant's agent whose address for service is:

Progressive Enterprises Ltd,
c/- Jane Douglas,
Zomac Planning Solutions Limited,
PO Box 103,
Whangaparaoa 0943

Fax: 09 428 2102

If you have any queries about the application, or the submissions process in general, please contact Craig Auckram - Senior Planner, PNCC on (06) 356 8199 extension 7710 or via email:

Relevant Documentation

Peter Eathorne
General Manager - Customer Services
Palmerston North City Council