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Review of resource consent conditions for Te Rere Hau windfarm

Palmerston North City Council, pursuant to s.128 (1)(c) of the Resource Management Act 1991 is reviewing the conditions of the resource consent for the windfarm known as Te Rere Hau and operated by New Zealand Windfarms Ltd at 355-573 North Range Road, Palmerston North.

The conditions are being reviewed with the purpose of better managing and monitoring noise emissions from the Te Rere Hau windfarm.

The reason for the review is that there were material inaccuracies in the statement of acoustic performance of the wind turbines used for the Te Rere Hau windfarm resource consent application.

Palmerston North City Council has engaged Resonate Acoustics to undertake an independent acoustic review of the existing conditions of the resource consent for the Te Rere Hau windfarm.

Resonate Acoustics has recommended changes to the existing resource consent conditions.

A document has been compiled that includes the notification decision, a summary of the Resonate Acoustics report, the Resonate Acoustics review, the existing resource consent conditions and the proposed amended conditions. This does not include the court decisions that preceded this process. This document has been sent to directly served residents.

A full copy of the review document including relevant court decisions is available below (see downloads). All documents that are part of the review process can also be viewed at the Council Customer Service Centre during office hours.

Submissions invited by Friday 2 June

This application has been publicly notified so any person may make a submission on the proposal. If you wish to make a submission on the application you may do so by sending a written, electronic or faxed submission to:

The Governance and Support Team Leader
City Corporate Unit
Private Bag 11-034
Palmerston North City Council

Your submission must be dated, signed by you if hand delivered, posted or faxed (no signature is required if lodged by email), and include the following information:

  • your name, postal address, telephone number (daytime contact number) and facsimile number (if applicable)
  • details of the application in respect of which you are making the submission, including location
  • whether you support or oppose the change to the conditions
  • your submission, with reasons
  • the decision you wish the Hearings Committee to make
  • whether you wish to be heard (speak) in support of your submission at a hearing.

A standard submission form, known as a Form 13, is available on request from Council and can also be downloaded below.

A copy of your submission must also be served on New Zealand Windfarms Ltd:

New Zealand Windfarms Ltd
c/- Vicki Morrison-Shaw
Atkins Holm Majurey Limited
PO Box 1585
Auckland 1140
Fax: 09 309 1821

If you have any queries about the review process, or the submissions process in general, please contact Craig Auckram, Senior Planner, PNCC on 06 356 8199 or email