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Plan change 15A-H decision

On 1 September 2016, the City Council made a decision on proposed plan change 15A-H to the Palmerston North District Plan.

The full text of the decision and reasons for it follow:

Proposed Plan Change 15A-H addressed the following topic areas:

A. Rural Zone and Rural Subdivision
B. Wind Farms and Landscapes
C. Boundary Change Area (the area formerly within the Manawatu District)
D. Flood Hazards
E. North East Industrial Zone and Extension Area
F. Braeburn Industrial Area (Longburn)
G. Utilities
H. Airport Zone

Viewing the decision

 The decision is available for viewing at the following offices:

  •  The Customer Service Centre, Palmerston North City Council, Civic Administration Building, The Square, Palmerston North;
  •  The Palmerston North Public Library, The Square, Palmerston North; 2nd Floor, NZ Pacific Islands Zone.

Commissioners' Minutes - Corrections to Decision


Appendix 1:  PC15A-H as amended by this decision

Planning maps


A:   Rural Zone & Subdivision
B:   Wind Farms & Landscapes
C:   Boundary Change Area
D:   Flood Hazards
David Murphy  l  (06) 356 8199

E:   North East Industrial Zone & Extension Area
F:   Braeburn Industrial Area (Longburn)
Jonathan Ferguson-Pye  l  (06) 356 8199

G:   Utilities
H:   Airport Zone
Michael Duindam   l   (06) 356 8199