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Plan Change 19

A review of the Caccia Birch zone provisions and the extent of current zoning.

There has been no substantive change in the local environment or the permitted activities since the adoption of the operative Palmerston North City District Plan.

Intent of Proposed Plan Change

  • A review of the current provisions has been undertaken, with a particular focus on noise issues and hours of operation, with changes to the noise limits (and their measurement) recommended to ensure consistency with the NZ Standard for acoustics - environmental noise. A new clause has been included allowing no more than 5 special events per year where noise limits are relaxed. This is to allow the zone to be used for one off events, such as an outdoor concert. No change is proposed to the current hours of operation performance standard.
  • A minor rezoning is also proposed to reflect one site is currently used for residential purposes. As no significant change has occurred since the District Plan become operative, no additional changes are deemed necessary

The Council publicly notified Proposed Plan Change 19 on 1 October 2014.   Submissions to the Plan Change closed on 31 October 2014.  Fourteen submissions were recieved (view below).

The Council publicly notified the availability of the Summary of Decisions Requested by Persons Making Original Submissions to Proposed Plan Change 19 on Thursday 20 November 2014.  Submissions closed on Friday, 5 December 2014.  Two submissions were received (view below).


A Hearing by Commissioners was held on 5 March 2015.  The agenda can be viewed by clicking on this link.  Evidence tabled at the hearing can be viewed under Relevant Documentation below.


Decision by Commissioners Chris Mitchell, Stuart Kinnear and Robert Schofield dated 28 May 2015.

Relevant documentation


Enquiries about Proposed Plan Change can be made to David Murphy, City Planner, phone (06) 356 8199 or email: