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Plan Change 2

This plan change seeks to amend the Cliff Protection Area at the top of the Anzac Cliffs near Vaucluse Heights.

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1.   Original Submissions

Notified 24 November 2010 - Submissions closed 14 January 2011.

2.   Further Submissions

Notified 5 March 2011 - Submissions closed 18 March 2011.

3.   Hearing

A Hearing by Commissioners was held on 29 September 2011.

4.   Decision

Decision was made on 10 November 2011.

Intent of Proposed Plan Change 2

Proposed Plan Change 2 seeks to amend the Cliff Protection Area at the top of the Anzac Cliffs near Vaucluse Heights in order to make provision for further development of the Residential Zone land in that area. The potential for further development will be subject to proposed river protection works and slope re-contouring being undertaken to avoid or mitigate the existing erosion hazard risk.

Proposed Plan Change 2 can be summarised as:

-   Deleting the existing Cliff Protection Area and associated prohibited activity rule for buildings and structures
-   In place of the Cliff Protection Area provisions, manage the cliff instability hazard using the existing provision
    in the District Plan, subject to some modifications, that control development on 'undevelopable land'

Proposed Plan Change 2 recognizes that, subject to appropriate engineering works being undertaken, the land on which development is currently prohibited is likely to be appropriate for development. This reflects the situation for all other 'undevelopable' land in the Aokautere area. Therefore the prohibited activity status is inappropriate and should be amended.

Original Submissions

The Council called for original submissions on 24 November 2010, with submissions closing 14 January 2011.

For Further Information click on the links below, or download them at the bottom of this page:

-   View Proposed Plan Change 2 Cliff Protection Line and Associated Section 32 Report

-   View the Public Notice Sectional District Plan Review Change 2 : Cliff Protection Line


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Proposed Plan Change 2 - Cliff Protection Line - Further Submissions

The Council has publicly notified the availability of the summary of decisions requested by persons making original submissions to Proposed Plan Change 2 on Saturday 5 March 2011.  Further submissions closed on Friday 18 March 2011.

For further details, please click on the links below:

-      View the Summary of Submissions and Original Submissions to Proposed Plan Change 2

-      View the Public Notice

Further Submissions closed on 18 March 2011.

-      View Further Submissions

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A Hearing by Commissioners Chris Mitchell (Chairperson) and Stuart Kinnear was held on Thursday 29 September. 

-    Statement of Evidence, dated 16 September 2011, on behalf of Council by Phillip Percy, Perception Planning.

(Follow this link to view the full agenda.)


Decision of the Hearings Commissioners dated 10 November 2011.

Enquiries About Plan Change 2 

If you have any questions about Proposed Plan Change 2 please contact David Murphy (phone 356-8199 ext 7522) or e-mail

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