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Plan Change 6

Whakarongo residential area.

Intent of Proposed Plan Change 6:

  • Implement Council's Residential Growth Strategy (September 2010) and Addendum (September 2012) within the District Plan.
  • Rezone land in the Whakarongo Residential Area (the area of land bounded by James Line, Napier Road, Stoney Creek Road and the southern extent of the Kelvin Grove Cemetery that is wholly located outside of the air noise contours) from Rural to Residential Zone for the purposes of providing for the short to medium term greenfield residential growth of Palmerston North.
  • Introduction of the Whakarongo Residential Area Structure Plan to guide development patterns and layout.
  • Inclusion of a comprehensive policy framework in the District Plan to ensure good urban design outcomes with respect to form, function and layout are achieved.
  • A Restricted Discretionary Activity Status for all subdivision within the Whakarongo Residential Area with associated assessment criteria to ensure these outcomes are achieved and development happens in an appropriate and integrated manner.

Proposed Plan Change 6 can be summarised as:

This proposed Plan Change seeks to implement Council's Residential Growth Strategy within the District Plan through the rezoning of land from Rural to Residential Zone to provide for the short to medium term greenfield residential growth of the City.

The plan change also contains a comprehensive policy framework and structure plan to guide and manage development within what is being introduced as the Whakarongo Residential Area as set out in the Whakarongo Structure Plan.

The Council publicly notified Proposed Plan Change 6 on 23 May 2013.  Submissions closed 4:00pm on 21 June 2013.

Further Submissions

The Council publicly notified the availability of the Summary of Decisions Requested in submissions to Proposed Plan Change 6 on 11 July 2013.  Submissions close at 4pm on Friday 26 July 2013. 

Relevant Documentation


  • Public Notice (23 May 2013)
  • Proposed Plan Change and Appendix 1 - Council Resolutions - ( PDF 2.46Mb)
  • Appendices : 2-13
    App 2 - Residential Growth Strategy : City West and Whakarongo Addendum (Sept 2012) - (PDF 547Kb)
    App 3 - Evaluation of Soils (AgResearch 2010) - (PDF 7.78Mb)
    App 4 - Assessment of Liquefaction and Related Ground Failure Hazards in PN (GNS, 2011) - (PDF 9.17Mb)
    App 5 - Draft Liquefaction Assessment Interpretive Geotechnical Report (Tonkin and Taylor Ltd, 2012) - (PDF 3.73Mb)
    App 6 - PC5 Local Business Zone Review (Property Economics 2011) - (PDF 5.75Mb)
    App 7 - Ground Contamination Assessment (Tonkin and Taylor, 2011) - (PDF 7.37Mb)
    App 8 - Flood Risk in Potential Growth Areas (Barnett and MacMurray Ltd, 2011) - (PDF 8.14Mb)
    App 9 - Flood Risk of PN City Growth Areas (River Edge Consulting Ltd, 2010) - (PDF 1.27Mb)
    App 10 - Review of Noise Provisions (Acousafe Noise Control Solutions, 2011) - (PDF 40Kb)
    App 11 - PNCC Residential Growth Areas PN Airport Noise Discussion Draft (Acousafe Noise Control Solutions, 2011) - (PDF 6.13Mb)
    App 12 - Whakarongo Drainage Management (City Networks, 2013) - (PDF 147Kb)
    App 13 - Urban Design Report (McIndoe Urban, 2013) - (PDF .98Mb)
  • Further Submissions - 1 to 6 - (PDF 5.9Mb) - 7-10 - (PDF 4.8Mb)

Further Submission Process - (1 August 2013)

Further Submissions closed 4pm 16 August 2014.

Hearing 30 April 2014

Information tabled at the hearing


Enquiries about Proposed Plan Change 6 can be made to Daniel Batley, phone (06) 356 8199 or email: