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Residential Zone Review

In 2011 the Council asked for feedback on the Residential Zone Review Discussion Document. This consultation formed part of the Shaping our City project.

The Council has released the Residential Zone Review Discussion Document to get things started. It provides a framework to seek feedback on ways to improve the design of our houses and residential areas to make our communities a happier, more comfortable place to live.

This is your opportunity to tell the Palmerston North City Council what you want our residential areas to look and feel like.

We need to know what you think…

The Residential Zone Review aims to review environmental and land use issues in Palmerston North's residential areas where people live and play.

The Council needs to know what you think about the current rules for the Residential Zone and how you want the area to look and feel in the future. Changes to the District Plan may affect you, your section, or a building you own so it's important to tell the Council what you think.

What is the Residential Zone?

The Residential Zone includes all residential areas of Palmerston North and Ashhurst. This review is all about planning rules in the District Plan, which focus on subdivision, building and activities that occur on public and private land.

The residential zone is more than just houses. There are a range of other activities and buildings covered in the District Plan.



Community centres and halls 

Roads and Fences

Early childhood centres



Doctors and dentists

Trees, lawns and gardens


Local businesses

Footpaths and street furniture


Places of worship

Reserves and walkways

Home businesses



How can you help?

There are a number of key issues the Council needs to think about for the Residential Zone Review. Your feedback will help the Council make the right decisions when planning for residential areas in the District Plan.

Ask yourself...

Is my neighbours house allowed to be that high?

The design and location of housing is an important part of our residential areas. Good design takes into account the amount of sunlight and space for the section and its effect on neighbouring properties, as well as its ability to create a positive community environment.

Bulk and location standards in the Residential Zone establish minimum design criteria around things like boundaries and height restrictions for the design of houses.

The standards need to be reviewed as part of the Residential Zone Review.  In general, the Council thinks the standards are working well but need tweaking in places. Some suggestions are to establish different bulk and location standards for different section sizes or making allowances for multiple and smaller housing units. 

What do you think?

How close should people be able to put their house next to yours? What about building two storey houses?

What happens next?

  • February 2011 - Consultation period
  • March 2011 - Consultation Outcomes Report prepared
  • July 2011 - Draft Plan Change approved by Council for notification
  • End of 2011 - Residential Zone Draft Plan Change is publically notified
  • Summary of submissions prepared
  • Further submissions sought
  • Hearing on submissions held
  • Hearings Committee decision released
  • Appeals to the Environment Court (if any)
  • Residential Zone Plan Change approved

Have you got something to say?

Submissions for the Residential Zone Review are now closed.

Click on the link to download the Residential Zone Review Summary Document and full Discussion Document