Your Council

Elections 2013

Final results and electoral returns for the 2013 elections.

Mayoral result

 Candidate  Affiliation  Status
 Naylor, Jono    Elected
 Findlay, Lew  Independent  Excluded
 McCann, Duncan  Independent  Excluded
 Barber, Ross Easton    Excluded
 Seton, Grant   Dignity Rates Watch Plus  Excluded
 Philip, Gary Stewart    Excluded

Final councillor result (15 vacancies)

 Candidate  Affiliation  Status
 Findlay, Lew  Independent  Elected
 Broad, Adrian    Elected
 McCann, Duncan  Independent  Elected
 Hapeta, Leonie    Elected
 Jefferies, Jim    Elected
 Utikere, Tangi    Elected
 Baty, Susan  Independent  Elected
 Bowen, Rachel    Elected
 Dennison, Vaughan    Elected
 Smith, Grant    Elected
 Rutherford, Aleisha    Elected
 Teo-Sherrell, Chris  Sustainable Palmerston North  Elected
 Nixon, Annette    Elected
 Linklater, Ross  Independent  Elected
 Meehan, Billy    Elected
 Barnett, Jan  Independent  Excluded
 Johnson, Lorna    Excluded
 Wilson, Bruce    Excluded
 Gunning, Niki    Excluded
 Fitzgerald, Hayden    Excluded
 Etheridge, Phil    Excluded
 Eddy, Nick  Independent  Excluded
 Ireland, David    Excluded
 Martin, Dion    Excluded
 Paine, Elizabeth    Excluded
 Pettengill, James    Excluded
 Korte, Marilyn    Excluded
 Poppelwell, David    Excluded
 Reiri, Riahari Wiremu    Excluded
 Johnson, Russell Mark    Excluded
 Turner, Charles Peter  Independent  Excluded
 Smith, Allen    Excluded
 Hartshorne, Ange    Excluded

Electoral donations and expenses