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Eligibility to vote in local government elections

You are eligible to vote if you are a resident enrolled on the Parliamentary Electoral Roll or a non-resident ratepayer enrolled on the Ratepayer Electoral Roll.

Enrolment arrangements for 2016 Local Government Elections

Everyone enrolled to vote by Friday 12 August will get their voting papers in the mail. Voting papers will be delivered between 16 and 21 September.

If you are not enrolled to vote there is still time. You can enrol up until 4pm on Friday 7 October.

  • visit Elections
  • call 0800 36 76 56
  • visit any Post Shop, any branch of the Palmerston North Library or Council's front of house for an enrolment form

You will not receive your voting papers in the mail. Instead you will need to visit Council or contact us on 06 356 8199 and ask for a special voting form.

Parliamentary Electoral Roll

Persons are qualified to be enrolled on the Parliamentary Electoral Roll if they:

  • Are a New Zealand citizen or a permanent resident of New Zealand; and
  • Are 18 years of age or over; and
  • Have at some time resided continuously in New Zealand for one year or longer; and
  • Are not otherwise disqualified under the Electoral Act 1993.

Parliamentary Electoral Rolls may be inspected at the following locations:

  • Civic Administration Building, The Square (Customer Service Centre)
  • City Library, The Square (The New Zealand and Pacific Room)
  • Enrolment Services, 9-29 Matthews Avenue
  • New Zealand Post Shops at Palmerston North Central (Church Street), Inner City (Main Street), Terrace End (Ruahine Street), and Pioneer Highway.

If you are not currently enrolled on the Parliamentary Electoral Roll, or wish an alteration to be made, the following options are available:

  • Completing the appropriate form available at any of the above locations.
  • Telephoning 0800 ENROL NOW (0800 36 76 56).
  • Free texting your name and address to 3676.
  • Accessing the Electoral Enrolment Centre website on

Ratepayers who are not residents of Palmerston North

Ratepayers who are not residents of Palmerston North City but pay rates on a property within the City may be entitled to enrol on the Ratepayer Electoral Roll.

Companies, businesses and societies which are ratepayers may also nominate an elector to vote on their behalf. Any such elector nominated must reside outside Palmerston North City.

Any alterations or additions to the Ratepayer Roll should be made by contacting the Electoral Officer at the City Council, telephone (06) 356 8199 or by completing the Enrolment Form for Ratepayer Electors and returning it to the Electoral Officer.